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Jai Vasicek

For 10 years Vasicek spent his childhood living the life of a ‘sea gypsy’ on his family boat ‘Malachi’. At just 18 he travelled the globe across Brazil, Africa, Mongolia, Indonesia, Europe and other parts of South America before returning to Australia at age 23.  He opened his first gallery in Port Douglas, but after Cyclone Yasi hit in 2011, he took it as a sign and made the move down to Byron Bay.

His work draws on inspiration from numerous cultures and bridges boundaries between classic and modern art and design, with stunning artworks, murals, paintings and textiles that evoke the beauty and passion of life and nature.

His designs feature vibrant colour with layers of print and patterns inspired by the sea and forest with exotic creatures, feather and shell adornments, bold motifs, religious iconography and evocative female forms from polynesian beauties to ocean sirens.
'For me, creating beautiful things for people is such a gift' says Jai.  

'I think if I couldn't exist being creative I might as well be dead! I'm just so happy that I am able to create and paint and deliver a story every day'
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