Joan Blond

After working in the legal profession for 25 years Joan Blond has returned to her first love of painting. Joan is an abstract expressionist and contemporary artist based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.
Mostly self-taught, Joan’s creative side was nurtured by her Mother who constantly shared her love of drawing & painting. Joan loves painting generous blocks of colour and her style is vibrantly expressionistic, often incorporating energetic line work. Joan mostly paints using acrylics with substance which add texture to her work and at times works with oil paint. She also loves experimenting with different mediums and washes.
Joan also takes many cues from contemporary design and her love of interior
design. She loves working with homeowners and designers looking for
paintings with a custom colour scheme.
Joan works from her home studio in Yellingbo in Victoria’s lush Yarra Valley and is creatively motivated by the location and the relaxed atmosphere it offers.