Peytil is a Stockholm based art project founded in 2016 by the fashion designer and artist Eitil Thorén Due. The work reflects a graffiti-like spontaneity with focus on fashion illustrations and contemporary portraits. His Scandinavian style is clear in the paintings that are often built simply from minimalistic black lines. The work is a combination of traditional painting and digital tools, which gives it contrast and a novel expression.
Eitil grew up in a family of artists, his mother is a sculptor and his father a painter. Art and creativity were everywhere in the house and Eitil was encouraged to experiment and follow his own path at an early age. When he was 21 he started a fashion brand called Mouli together with his older brother. After working several years as a fashion designer Eitil wanted to create another outlet for his creativity. He began to see commercial fashion as something very restricted and was longing for something without rules or limitations. The result was Peytil, which was also the nickname his mother used for him as a boy.